My darling Maria, 3 years later

My darling Maria, 3 years later

When I am at Maria’s grave site, I recollect the burial day and always ponder what it would be, if I could get another view just to see what’s going on down there. To me, it is a possibility that she's still intact since she was closed up.

I am aware that her soul isn’t there, but at my visits, I spend time in prayer and silently reflect on memories of all our years together. I just walked over the grave a few rounds and told her it was like the massages that she cherished at the hospital.

The cemetery is quiet and gives a sense of "gone". In the silence, you hear the sound of birds chirping and keeping you company and giving a feeling of life among those passed away. I heard the sound of a train arriving in the countryside sounding its horn - a sound which carries through the stillness.

Call it coincidence, but when I was leaving the site, a bird was whistling. I stepped back and the whistling stopped. I started walking to the car, and it whistled again, as though it was calling me back. So I went back and stood there for a minute and it stopped again. Then I said, "I am going, don't call me back." It didn't.

This bird chirping/whistling happened at her funeral in the midst of prayers. I looked up at the tree and wondered what that was and why it was drawing attention. Luane (the funeral director) saw me and sort of nodded, meaning she also noticed it. You know when you hear any sound at that time, it always seems to have some kind of meaning, even though it cannot be understood.

It would be interesting to hear similar experiences from anyone else. Going to visit the grave should not just be sadness, but also a reflection on the happy memories. If you listen, you will hear the sounds.