Lost Yet found

Lost Yet found
The Camera that kept lagging behind and still won't leave me

Lost and Found


Episode 1
After going through security, I collected my hand baggage and proceeded to board the airport bus taking me to the plane. As the bus doors were about to close, one of the security guys came running to the bus and asked if anyone had left the camera on the conveyor belt. I said to myself, I have a similar one. Then I looked for mine and it was not there, so I claimed it.

Episode 2
Once again on a BA flight Dubai to Bahrain, after picking my handbag from security, I proceeded to board the bus taking me to the aircraft. As the bus was filling up, the guy from the security came straight to me handed it to me. While different thoughts were flashing my mind - what, how, when ....My guess is that he was probably observing me for other stuff and that’s how he might have remembered.

Episode 3
In Dubai, after returning home from a party late night, paid the cab and went to our apartment. After 10 to 15 mins of settling down, I realized the camera was missing. Immediately the brain clicks, party house, road, jacket, other bag,………… taxi. 15mins later would the taxi still be there ? And how would he even know that there was a camera on the back seat. I considered it lost, but the photos were important to me, so I decided to take a last resort look out of the verandah, hoping that he would return to the spot if he discovered it.
Fortunately, he was down there still waiting patiently, hoping that I would discover it missing. Great men think alike. I also realize that possibly cabbys check the seats for left behinds and hopefully try to return them.

AND Episode Another
A couple of days after our wedding, we took a taxi from my place - Malad to Maria’s house in Mazagon.It took us about an hour in traffic.
The trains were crowded and I was not used to train travel.
We arrived at her place and were sitting and chatting for about 30 mins, when there was a tap on her door. It was this cab driver who came looking for us. Did we not pay him ? No, that was not the reason. I had forgotten a small bag behind in the cab which he came to deliver. It contained our passports, visas, cheque books, some other important documents and a certain amount of cash, which I do not want to disclose here and also the lagging behind camera. That small bag was important to me and so it was always in my hand. However, en route the sun was hitting my side behind the seat and so to protect myself, I placed it above the seat.

I don’t know how I would have reacted if I had known it was missing, prior to the cabby showing up to return it, because it contained all important documents and getting all that re done would have taken months. More important was my passport and visa as I had to return to Dubai in a couple of days and without documents I would have been stranded.

Here is the other part of the story. When Maria got her new passport done, she put her family( Mazagon) address on it, instead of mine (Malad) and I was not happy with that at the time. However, If she had not done that, I’m not sure where the cabby would be looking for us. If he was sincere, maybe Malad, as my passport had that address. But that was an hour’s journey from where we were and who knows if he would be willing to go all the way. It seemed that there was a purpose that the address on her passport was not mine. God made something that I considered foolish to become wise.

I ponder to myself what are the odds of getting back something considered lost and gone ? The kind of thoughts that go through my mind are ahead in time. I think of all I could have would have should have done. When found that means its a second chance, so try not to blow it again. In my case lost several times and coming back means to me that there is a God who is looking after me in my busy world and there are simple people also who care.

What a wonderful world!

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