Japan not what I thought

Japan not what I thought

Booked for Vietnam via Japan - all tickets booked, however visa for Vietnam did not arrive and was wondering if the trip should be cancelled. I asked the Lord if it is His will that the visa would be granted or else cancelling would be ok.

In all the suspense, 2 days before departure, the visa for Vietnam arrived and all went as per schedule.

Going to Japan required a negative covid test. The test was negative, however the way the test results were mentioned created complications at the TOR airport and at check in the agent said that the test was not the correct one. She checked with her colleague who said the same thing. Then went to check with her  supervisor. Later came back and said all was good.

On arrival at Narita Airport - Japan, I thought there might be similar issues regarding the covid test.

On the contrary, the people there were so kind and helpful. I could not find a print out of one of the questionnaires which  was sent online. The agent said no problem. Just give me your email address. And then he found the questionnaire and also printed a copy for me.

Even at the immigration and customs the staff was so helpful and kind, making sure everyone was taken care of and moved as fast as possible. The lineups were continuously moving and it did not feel like I was stuck in the lineup for immigration or customs or even the covid test checks.