Youtube - How did I get there ?

Youtube - How did I get there ?
And now, presenting to you..................

When Maria passed away I kept listening to her recordings which gave me the feel of her being around. After a while I thought of trying to overdub her recordings and also try to add the piano or violin but that didn't seem to work to my expectations.  For example her most precious song was "Gentle Woman" and I added a bit of the violin, but it sort of ruined the flavor.

My next move was to at least try to sing the songs that she sang. I attempted "How great thou art" as I was comfortable with the melody and playing. After the recording it sounded reasonably ok and also felt good about it. I sent it to a few friends on WhatsApp and got a positive and encouraging feedback which encouraged me to try a few more, one by one. Someone suggested I put it on YouTube, but I wasn't sure as I always felt that you had to be perfect or at least reasonably perfect. For the melodies that I liked, I would change the lyrics to suit what I was going through or to tell my story. And as I kept singing more songs, I gained confidence and started adding harmony. I also did a couple of oldie songs in Konkani, which I knew and over time I felt that it was nice to include harmony but since I couldn't find a singer I did my own try outs.

After a while I felt why not give online a try. I feel it better to try out and know than to never know. So I tried out my first song on YouTube from which I received encouragement through feedback.

I continued one more - at a time and each time I gained more confidence going to the next. Having lost Maria, I hoped God would give me another singer, but instead He gave me a better voice. Each time I put out a song, I ask Him to bless it and let it touch the hearts of those who hear it. Today with over 150 subscribers, it tells me that there are people out there who care and appreciate, helping me to move on, giving new meaning in my life and encouragement to continue music besides helping me to improve my voice which was dormant for many years. I see it as a big achievement, with being able to sing, play, harmonize and put it all together - a great pass time and above all,  a sort of compensation for my great loss.

If you think you can sing, you can. Just don't be afraid to try. It can bring out the joy in your heart.

As always, I appreciate feedback and comments, to get me better.