Getting to know Maria

Getting to know Maria
always smiling and in tune


Maria invited me to her house for her birthday, one year, mentioning that some of her friends were coming and wanted me to come too. I didn’t know her too well at the time, but I knew deep down in her heart, she really expected me to be there and would be disappointed if I was not.
I had no idea what gift to take her, but I knew she liked clothes, so in a guy’s mind, I bought her a brown material for a skirt which she later got stitched made it a point to wear it to an occasion that we both attended. It was her way of appreciating the gift.
Her birthday was a fun time with friends singing and chatting and I also came to know that she played the guitar and was fun loving.

The closer I got to Maria, I never wanted to let her go but kept an open mind as I was not sure if, I was just one of her many friends.  And so I kept this love story buried in my heart from all including my family, as I did not want to be embarrassed if the story did not end well.

Maria mentioned to me when she was singing or doing the readings for the mass in her church on Sundays and I would travel all the way just to hear her and the bonus was to meet after the mass.

On one of my birthdays she pleasantly surprised me by coming over to my house. Every day after work, I traveled with Maria, got off the bus a stop before her house and then took the bus back to mine and since I reached home late I had to give my mum a reasonable excuse for being late. I mentioned that I had overtime which I thought was reasonable.
When Maria arrived for the first time, I introduced her to my family and they were happy to meet her especially my mum who then realized where my overtime was.

At my birthday Maria sang her favourite “whispering hope” accompanied with the guitar.  She often sang this at home accompanied by her dad on the violin.

Whispering hope

I visited Maria on one Christmas day and her family was happy to see me. Maria had probably mentioned to them about us, so they wanted a better look of me. Her dad being musical, and knowing that I played the guitar, gave me the guitar, putting me on the spot,  while he played the violin and Maria did the singing. That was also entertainment for some of the neighbours who came by to hear the combo.

Maria's mum, I must say took a liking to me, no idea why. I wasn’t even rich then. But don't look surprised. There are people who like me. And by the way, if the mum likes you, its all aboard.

There were times when, having drifted after work, it got late and was normal for her mum to worry and get upset, which would ruin the evening we had just enjoyed.  So in such times, Maria would insist I come over with her.  And whenever I did, there was no questions asked, just happy chats.

I wanted to take Maria for the Christmas dance which my building boys and girls went to every year. Maria loved to come but told me to get the ok from her parents, which was the norm in those days. Her mum agreed but said to ask her dad too. Her dad was not so easy, but after a lecture said ok. My eyes were focused on Maria who waited for the YES.
Then every Christmas it  was the same  routine, same lecture, same patience, but the answer was always YES.

Later on all these visa restrictions were skipped and our love also grew stronger and deeper and the accompanying bus ride after work, terminated at her house instead of a stop before her house.

126 Bus from Princess Street to Mazagon Court

On Sunday afternoons, when bored, I took the bus to Mazagon, to her house. There was always Meeting Maria on an extra day gave us the feeling of satisfaction and made our day.

The memories of taking that bus 126 to Mazagon court are re -lived here, especially on Sundays.

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